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The Multicane® $150.00

A variety of toys in one. A quality, machined handle that allows different attachments to be screwed into it.

5 attachments included: A 1/2" cane. a 3/8" cane, a two 1/4" tined cane; a four 1/8" tined cane, and a 1-1/4" paddle attachment.

A particularly wonderful device in the hands of a skilled practitioner, and sure to become a beloved toy for anyone who enjoys caning, or being caned.

Custom attachments available by special order

Multicane Economy Set $85.00. Includes the multicane handle and 2 attachments of your choice (attachment options listed above). Additional attachments are available for $35.00 each.


Spreader Bar $220.00

A steel spreader bar that resists the intentions of the most mischievous "victim". This steel spreader bar has rings at the end to keep parts just where they need to be kept.

This item gives excellent *Clank*

This Spreader Bar is available with orbiting cuffs for an additional $30.00


T-Bar $120.00


A different style steel bar in the shape of "T" allows for imaginative configurations and hours of fun



Cross Bar $175.00

Looking for a graceful hog-tie style, or just in a mood for tight quarters? This heavy-duty steel configuration will allow a "Top" to arrange a "bottom" in the perfect position.


Modified Pony $400.00

This is the metal modified Japanese Pony. Aluminum construction, and it's adjustable!! Comes with 3 changeable "saddles". All saddles on pony are food grade polyethylene and dishwasher safe!






Tit Stretchers

Used for stretching, and general torture, these will provide hours of enjoyment. Stainless Steel construction. Stainless Steel all-thread and Galvanized wingnuts included. Clamps not provided.

Available in these sizes

Petite... 3" Dia base

Medium... 4.25 dia base

Bigunz... 5.5" dia base

$80.00 per set, plus shipping costs.


We also now have Tit Stretchers for men, 2" base. $80.00 per set, plus shipping costs



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